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Why Do You Need a Cleanup for Your Lawn | Lawn Service in Saint Augustine, FL

Cleanups are necessary for your lawn if you want to maintain a good shape of your plants and the overall look appealing. While it may be easy to put off cleaning your lawn, you’ll be surprised to know the kind of damage your plants can experience in the meantime. The leftover leaves can prevent the lawn from getting the much-required sunlight this can result in certain areas of your lawn dying out. Also, if you neglect the cleaning up of leaves, they can instigate fungal problems for your smaller plants and flowers.


Cleaning up your lawn timely helps not only maintain the aesthetic appeal of your lawn but also prevents the probability of any disease or harboring pests. This makes it necessary for you to consider scheduling a professional cleanup for your lawn.

What Does a Professional Cleanup Service Do?

Hiring a professional lawn service can help you in several tasks including:

  • Cleaning up your yard from all the trash that has built up over a period of time.

  • Scraping the piled up leaf litter and organic debris.

  • Cleaning out your flower beds that may have leaves, weeds, and sticks embedded in the soil.

  • Trimming your trees and shrubs for better growth.

  • Feeding your plants with necessary feed required for optimal growth.

  • Applying weed control formula if there’s such need required by your lawn.

  • Mowing your lawn to give it a manicured-look.

Ancient City Arbor LLC, established in 2013, is a locally owned and operated a company that has highly experienced and skilled professionals who can help you maintain a clean and well-managed lawn. We offer a wide range of services including tree removal, crown reduction, lifting, and canopy thinning. You can find us online by searching “lawn service near me in Saint Augustine, FL.” Call us today to get the best service in town.

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