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Three Important Facts about Tree Trimming

There are many benefits of trimming trees. The most important benefit is keeping people and property safe from falling branches or trees. When a tree dies, you need to call in an experienced professional by searching for ‘tree removal service near me’. However, if you have a regular tree trimming schedule, you can decrease your risk of having the tree die and can enhance the look of your landscape. Here are some important facts you also need to know about trimming trees.

With tree trimming, less is more

When trimming a tree, you never want to trim too much off. Instead, you want to remove the smallest amount possible that will give you the results you want. Do not trim more than one-fourth from the crown of a tree because this is where most of its leaves and energy are located. If you do, there is a risk of damaging the tree, or even causing it to die. You may prefer to call in an expert to help by looking for ‘tree trimming near me’.

There is a right time to trim trees

The best time to trim trees is during the late fall or winter months. This is because it is the dormant season for trees, and they are less likely to be damaged due to trimming. Removing branches from a tree does cause stress and damage, but this is reduced during the dormant season. In addition, insects and fungus are less likely to be around to cause more damage.

Some trees have more precise timing when it comes to trimming. If you are not sure when the best time to trim your tree is, search for ‘tree trimming near me’ to find a local expert.

It helps tree growth and structure

Proper tree trimming supports the health and structure of a growing tree. If you maintain the tree’s structure, you will reduce the risk of having falling branches and limbs. A correctly trimmed tree will have supported branches and proper weight distribution, which means you are less likely to have problems with the tree later and won’t need to search for ‘tree removal service near me’ to have it removed from your yard.

You can also use tree trimming to make the tree grow in the way you want it to, which can help improve the look of the tree. If you are interested in structural tree trimming, look for ‘tree trimming near me’.


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