When Should You Call Tree Removal Service in Saint Augustine, FL?

Lawn maintenance is quite daunting and some things you can’t do on your own. There are certain things that require professional attention and should be done by a person who has professional experience.


Homeowners often don’t know when to call a professional for tree removal and their trees continue to grow in an unhealthy manner, curbing the appeal of their overall house and lawn. Here are a few situations in which you should definitely call a tree removal service in Augustine, FL.

Your Tree Starts to Lean

If you see a sudden change in the growth pattern of your tree and it starts to lean to one side, it means you need to get professional help and get the tree removed. Such growth and leaning increases the danger of tree falling and hurting you, your property and/ or other plants.

Signs of Botanical Diseases Are Emerging

Your plants must be regularly inspected to identify if there’s any disease, pest or growth-related problem. Some of the common indicators can be spotted or discolored leaves and unusual tree growth behavior and pattern. If you see any of the two, you should call the professional service provider right away. The diseases can propagate easily and affect other plants.

Overgrowing Branches

Invasive plants and trees can be risky for the rest of your garden. They can hinder smaller plants' growth and deprive them of access to light. Overgrown branches if start to take over your home’s roofline, it can be dangerous for your house structure as they can fall off during windstorm and cause damage. Getting them timely trimmed or removed is the safest choice to follow.


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