Signs to Immediately Get a Tree Removed

Trees particularly big old ones are as much a part of our ‘homes’ as the actual house itself. Standing guard and providing shade against the summer sun. Lounging under their cool shade in the summer breeze, playing around on the swings attached to them or camping in tree houses.

They are like grandparents in a sense; unfortunately sometimes it necessitates cutting them down and putting them out. You may feel conflicted but it becomes a matter of safety at one point, some dangerous warning signs which call for immediate removal are:

  • Decaying trunk

  • Decaying or dead branches

  • Fungal infection

  • Insect infestation

  • Leaning down towards house

  • Tree death

  • Substantial damage due to storms and rains

Any of these signs is enough for you to call a tree removal service near Saint Augustine, FL and get the tree removed.


Prevention is better than cure and preempting removal of a dying tree will be safer than falling victim to a falling dead branch or having the tree fall on the house.


Apart from these reasons which are a danger to life, you may also be looking to remodel or the tree may be impacting your view or taking up too much space.


For any of these reasons if you might be looking for tree removal specialists near FL, contact Ancient City Arbor LLC today. We are 2 partners who have over 23 years of experience in arbor and will safely and efficiently remove that hassle some tree in no time. You can call us now on (904) 669-8460 and let’s get to cracking that bothersome tree down.

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